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Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing

A Room Integrity Test predicts how long fire suppressant agents take to descend to a given level in the room without having to release the agent itself. Digital Fire can test your fire suppression system making sure your equipment is protected from a fire. Our experienced engineers carry out room integrity testing to the required NFPA 2001 standards.

NFPA regulations state that a Room Integrity Test or Inspection must be done annually or whenever renovations or adjustments have been made to your room.

NFPA 2001 - Total flooding gaseous suppression systems rely on the tightness of the enclosure in order to provide maximum protection to the hazard. Like water draining from a bathtub, the clean agent mixture exerts a pressure on the floor of the enclosure which causes the agent to run out of the enclosure through leaks in the lower portion of the enclosure, to be replaced by fresh air through holes at the top of the enclosure. The clean agent mixture slowly drains out of the room until the hazard is no longer protected. A well designed enclosure will include a thorough analysis of the leakage through all expected penetrations in the enclosure envelope, will specify leakage tolerances, and should recommend materials and systems that provide for the minimum amount of leakage.