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Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Digital Fire specializes in all areas of Fire Protection, we offer Design, Consulting, Installation, Commissioning, Inspections, Service and Maintenance for a very broad range of Fire Alarm Systems.  

We are a “one stop shop”, able to offer the complete package for all types of facilities. From a single zone system that provides protection for a small facility, to a large multi-loop addressable network system more suitable for protecting arenas, hospitals, manufacturing plants, high-rises and hotels, just to name a few. 

Whether you need a brand new install, an upgrade to your existing system or a maintenance you can rely on, Digital Fire can guide you through the process. With our services you can ensure that the protection of your facilities rests in good hands. 

An effective Fire Detection System is meant to discover fires early in their development, when there is still time to safely evacuate occupants, and potentially limit or eliminate damage to property. A well functioning Fire Alarm System is imperative for the safety of all occupants, and we work to ensure that safety is maintained. 



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