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Smart Building Integration

Smart Building Integration

"Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless" - Author Unknown

Often fire protection and fire alarm systems must interact with other building systems to provide a proper level of protection. While the fire alarm system is fully capable of performing and initiating the necessary actions to accomplish the fire alarm and building systems’ responses, efficiencies can be obtained by integrating with the BAS. These efficiencies include minimizing additional equipment, expediting system acceptance testing, reducing installation costs, and sharing and consolidating information at a central location where all of the building systems can be precisely monitored during emergency incidents. System Integration provides a solution and offers an opportunity to lower costs and achieve greater efficiencies.

Digital Fire has the technical and engineering capability to provide the solution you need. We will consult, design and install a system that is best suited for your buildings needs and you.


NFPA Journal - "For building safety professionals, this represents an exciting time. The addition of smart technology to fire and life safety building systems will present many benefits with minimal risk, said Robert Solomon, director of NFPA’s Building Fire Protection Division. “I’m fascinated by this stuff,” he said. “The more data we can collect and use from these devices, the more efficiencies we can create.